Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to improve your Long Term Memory?

Do you feel that you are losing your memory?

Even we are trying harder to memorize things, we just can’t help it.

The fact is that when we are getting older, our memory starts to deteriorate, memory cells start neurodegenerative. But, is it irreversible?

No, absolutely not. There are ways to strengthen our memories.

One simple method to invigorate memory is NAP. Researches have discovered that a nap after meal is doing extreme good to us.

When you take a nap, the cell of memory neuroblast will go on a self-repairing process which will in the long run improve the nerve endings and memory.

For an example, after having your lunch, just a 15-minute nap is enough if you are running short of time.

Of course, 30-minute is doing better.

A nap will not only help vitalizing your energy, it will improve your memory in the long run.

People just avoid napping because it seems impolite to take a nap in the office areas, or just simply out of embarrassment.

However, if you just try it, you will know how it works for you. It helps refreshing you a lot, especially when you are having insomnia at night.
The most important thing is it costs you nothing, but to present you with your memory.

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