Thursday, May 28, 2009

Premature Grey Hair

No one will appreciate Early Grey Hair. In fact, Premature Grey Hair is always associated with early old age symptom, and be the indicator of health signal.

Don’t think that Premature Grey Hairs solely related to genetic factors. Over 70% of Premature Grey Hair is closely related to our daily life habits.

The formation of Premature Grey Hair:
Genetic Factor:
The congenital melanin is the essential element to supply pigment for hair formation. If the congenital melanin is inactive, our hair will turn grey due to lack of melanin supply.

Emotional Stress:
If you are suffering from overload work pressure or emotional stress, your body will affect the manufacture of melanin, and then give rise to Premature Grey Hair.

External Factor:
Scientific researches found that UV radiation, pollutants, frequent hair dyeing and hair perming are the external factors of Premature Grey Hair. These factors will exert harmful effects to the hair structure and lead to Premature Grey Hair.


  1. Thank you very much about Premature Grey Hair but I don't understand about it. Please you description wit me about it.

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